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Guarding Your Revenue

Store all your meetings in Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Reinventing how business gathers Sales Intelligence in customer meetings.

All Three WebMeeting Mapper is more than the typical solution to document your meetings it’s the most intuitive, powerful, complete solution to gather Actionable Sales Intelligence in all your customer meeting and interactions.

Are you getting the full use of Salesforce in your organization? Is the adoption and use what you planned on, is the data and information used to build strategy? At Point N Time Software, we talk to a lot of CRM users at all levels within an organization, admin to c-level. What we have found is there are seven main pain points of CRM.

Energize Salesforce with Actionable Sales Intelligence

Meeting Mapper is the only solution that stores all the Sales Intelligence in Salesforce. Don’t walk out of a sales meeting with questions, walk out Sales Intelligence!

Turn Every Customer Meeting Into Revenue

Meeting Mapper supports in-side and field sales teams, so they can easily populate Salesforce or Oracle with consistent, reliable, actionable sales intelligence.

More To Meetings Than Just Taking Notes

Meeting Mapper gathers Big Data to reduce sales cycles, improve lead quality, drive marketing activates, product prioritization and improve the productivity of sales teams.

Increased Usage and Adoption of CRM, gather Actionable Sales Intelligence!

Meeting Mapper makes it easy for you and your teams to Plan, Execute and Follow up all of your meetings, so you can gather important and meaningful data and information. The information and data gathered in Meeting Mapper ensures your revenue is not in jeopardy during account transitions.

Meeting Mapper can be used stand-alone or it can be tightly integrated with and Oracle Sales Cloud.  There’s no need to have multiple cloud solutions to store this very important data and information from your meetings.  Effectively leverage your investment in or Oracle Sales Cloud by using Meeting Mapper. Meeting Mapper’s integration with and Oracle,  provides one of a kind transparency into your accounts and opportunities. Start capturing ‘Actionable Sales Intelligence’ in all your customer meetings, ensuring business continuity. Sales teams work more closely together using Meeting Mapper so they are always two steps ahead of the competition, increasing revenue and close rates. Provide real-time feedback to the entire organization with Meeting Insights, what is really resonating in customer meetings.

Typical Customer Results


500% Increase

Account Transparency

In just 30 days Meeting Mapper customers are seeing 500% more transparency in accounts and opportunities.  One customer results; 93 meeting in just three weeks from 30 account reps.

90% Increase

Accuracy of Sales Forecast

Meeting Mapper maps to your Sales Methodology, for more accurate sales forecast. No more ‘Happy Ears’, justification for why your reps think someone will buy.

100% Increase

Visibility into Selling Activities

When you use Meeting Mapper you capture over 50 individual Key Performance Metrics in every meeting. Its not the amount of activity it what is happening during the activity, to close deals and generate revenue.

With Meeting Mapper you will always accomplish your meeting Goal and Objectives, ensuring every meeting has a purpose and a greater chance of success.

Great Sales Meeting

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"Meeting Mapper is an intuitive and elegant application for iPads that makes it easy to gather up and “map” the information you need for truly successful meetings."

− Forbes

"Meeting Mapper has made our whole sales organization a more effective team. Our reps are getting a much tighter sense of roles and responsibilities from prospects and customers, our executive mapping into deals is spot on and the mobile sync significantly cuts down the administrative component of data entry into sfdc."

− Brian Doheny, SVP, Symplified

"Want to make your sales reps more efficient? Boost sales figures? Bring new team members on board with ease? Meeting Mapper stores your essential contact information, keeps meeting notes organized and in a single interface, include photos and more."

− Mobile Fever

"Travis - Thank you so much for your prompt and diligent support. You and your company are a model for excellent customer service. I look forward to the update of this excellent product."

− Michael Richter - Meeting Mapper Mobile User

"I walked into my committee meeting with the intention of using Meeting Mapper for the first time. Having not read any of the help section, I found it to be painless and straightforward to navigate."

− Jay Peringer - Meeting Mapper Mobile Helping K1 - 12


Praise for Meeting Mapper