Forbes Top 10 Apps To Make Your Business More Successful In 2017

Meeting Mapper and Strategy Mapper make 1 and 2 on the list!

You Have Implemented Salesforce and Completed Sales Training But You are Still Experiencing

  • Lack of strategic account management (SAM) in Salesforce
  • Lack of sale opportunity planning in Salesforce
  • Poor tactical execution of the sales plans
  • No consistency among sales teams in planning and execution
  • Relying on PowerPoint and Excel for sale planning
  • Low usage and adoption of Salesforce
  • Losing revenue in account team transition (attrition)
  • Protracted ramp up period for new account team members (missing revenue targets)
  • Teams not collaborating or working together (silo-ed) to win
  • Stagnated opportunities (not moving forward)
  • Not leveraging your 'A-Players' selling knowledge among all your sales teams

If one or more of the above made you nod your head, schedule your demo or start your free trial today, click on a button. Strategy Mapper was built by sales for sales!

Makes Salesforce a Selling Force with Strategy Mapper

Strategy Account Management
Meeting Mapper

Accelerate Your Sales

  • Maintain strategic account management in Salesforce
  • Capture sales intelligence in every customer meeting
  • Create strategic account plans quickly and with more accuracy
  • Improve customer conversations
  • Win more opportunities in less time
  • Know what opportunities are winnable
  • Build and maintain strategic account plans
  • Build and maintain operational sales plans
  • Plan and flawlessly execute customer meetings
  • Nurture leads and contacts with Pardot integration
  • Maximize your investment of Salesforce

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Strategy Mapper Provides Value at Every Level in Your Organization

Account Teams 

  • Robust Account Planning and Management in Salesforce
  • Spend more time selling less time updating Salesforce
  • Every team members knows the status of every account and opportunity
  • Reduce the administrative overhead associated with Account and Opportunity Plans
  • Consistent sales framework to create, maintain and execute sales activities
  • Know accounts to maximize revenue and build long term relationships
  • Know which opportunities are winnable
  • 1-Click dynamic real-time account and opportunity playbooks (close plans)
  • Achieve quota faster
  • Maximize time spent with customers
  • 100% native Salesforce

Sales Leadership

  • Consistent configurable selling framework to build out sales methodology and process
  • Consistency among all your selling teams
  • 100% native Salesforce all your information is readability available in Salesforce
  • Provide coaching and guidance to your sellers in every account and opportunity
  • Robust reporting empowers your teams with customer trends (pain points, competitors, etc.)
  • Understand the revenue potential in every account and if those accounts are being touched
  • Know what opportunities are winnable and ones that aren't
  • Easily share plans with team members and managers
  • Create Business team and individual team performance reviews in seconds
  • Ramp-up new team members fast with Actionable Intelligence (Sales Empowerment) - Reduce time to make plan by 40%
  • Cost effective, quickly deployed easily maintained


  • Consistent selling practices among all teams, regions, areas and geos 
  • Integrated with Pardot for marketing automation initiatives
  • Unmatched reports and dashboards to provide real-time customer trends and insights
  • Real-time health of your business with Business Intelligence Report/Brief
  • Provides Business continuity for the sales organization
  • Cost effective solution
  • Accelerate sales and reduce sales cycles
  • Leverages your investment in Salesforce

Marketing Teams

  • Ensures automated marketing activities are populated with qualified leads and contacts
  • Target leads and contacts based on Pain Points, Initiatives or your Strengths
  • Allows them to concentrate on content to nurture leads and contacts
  • Maximizes investment in Pardot or other marketing automation solutions