Meeting Mapper Features

  • Proven ROI
  • Intuitive Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Meetings saved in PDF form can be emailed to anyone
  • 5 pre-defined participants Project Political Stance
  • 13 pre-defined participant roles
  • Meeting Mapper details can be stored in any CRM or SharePoint as an attachment
  • Shows you political map of your meeting (Stance and Role(s))
  • Visually depicts participants Stance (colored coded) and Role(s) right on the participants
  • Documents up to 12 meeting participants
  • Import participants details from your Contacts
  • Support editing of meetings once completed and saved
  • Select the type of table
  • Move participants around the table
  • Add participants to a meeting already in progress


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Have you ever sat in a meeting really intending to take notes and by the time the meeting was over you didn’t take a single note?

The problem with taking notes in a meeting is keeping them organized and legible.

How about this, after the meeting you call your boss and his first question is how did the meeting go? You start racking your brain and deciphering your notes. It can get ugly.

Meeting Mapper is a tool used to document all the important information in meetings. It’s intuitive design and layout gives you a clear and concise view of your meetings. It is as simple as point, tap and type to add critical information. Meeting Mapper gives you the ability to select the stance and role(s) of the meeting participants. The graphical depiction of your meeting is easy to read and understand. Once you’ve gathered all the information it is exported as a PDF and can be emailed and uploaded into your CRM application, SharePoint or just save it on your computer.

What is new in Meeting Mapper 2.0
(Release Date May 2012)

  • Adding company name to participant’s information
  • Save participants information in Contacts
  • Larger participant’s icon
  • Add and delete Stance and Roles
  • New Stance “No Show”
  • 17 new Roles
  • Parking Lot Text Field
  • Export meeting notes in HTML
  • Exported PDF or HTML file name is now meeting title
  • Schedule meetings in Calendar from Meeting Mapper
  • Schedule Next Steps and Action Items in Calendar from Meeting Mapper
  • Add photos to your meeting
  • Drawing Board – edit photos or create drawings
  • Flyout Notes Box
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