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“The idea for Meeting Mapper stems from my 15 years as a sales executive and project manager and the challenge that exists with keeping notes and follow-up organized,” said Travis Davis, President of Point N Time Software. “These apps solve that problem by giving users the ability to easily disseminate and recall what happened during meetings on your mobile device.” ... more

Meeting Mapper Application
Meeting Mapper Application
  • “It really helps me to visualize attendees to my many conference calls.”
  • “Visualizing a meeting has never been easier.”
  • "Meeting Mapper is a brilliant tool, really love how simple and to the point it is."
  • "I created it because as a Sales Manager I would be on forecast calls and it felt like I had to squeeze out information on every opportunity from my reps."

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Moblie applications. Point N Time Software is dedicated to providing robust, useful, intuitive, and practical mobile applications.

  • Select the type of table
  • Move participants around the table
  • Add participants to a meeting already in progress

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All the functionality of Meeting Mapper combined with the power of CRM capabilities. Using your browser you gather data and information store it in the cloud and combine it with other CRM capabilities for example reporting, contacts, accounts and so on.

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Meeting Mapper is a tool used to document all the important information in meetings. It's intuitive design and layout gives you a clear and concise view of your meetings.