There is more to meetings than just taking notes!

Meeting Mapper the Swiss Army Knife for Meetings.

Think of Meeting Mapper as the Swiss Army Knife. Meeting Mapper is loaded with features and functions to Plan, Execute and Follow-up all your meetings in Salesforce. Meeting Mapper is more than the typical solution to document your meetings it’s the most intuitive, powerful, complete solution to gather Actionable Sales Intelligence in all your customer interactions. Meeting Mapper is the most robust, flexible and configurable meeting preparation solution for Salesforce. Meeting Mapper stores all this information and data, automatically in Salesforce. With Meeting Mapper every Salesforce user becomes a power user, turning Salesforce into Selling Force!

Meeting Mapper simplifies and automates the process of updating a customer record, lifting your organization’s sales productivity, data accuracy and increasing usage and adoption of

Increase the usage and adoption of Salesforce.

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Meeting Mapper’s single input with multi output not only makes easy work of documenting meetings, it automatically updates your standard Salesforce objects like Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts and leads.

Know what’s resonating with your CustomersWhats Hot

Meeting Mapper identifies what is resonating in all your customer meetings. Identify trends and build marketing campaigns on ‘What’s Hot’. Provide product management and development key data to build the products and services your customers want. Provide executives key data to build strategies to grow revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Visibility in to all of your sales teams’ activitiesDashboards

Meeting Mapper gathers over 75 individual data points per meeting. Don’t just track activity, track what is going on inside the activity. Identify trends in your customer base, determine were most of your teams efforts are being directed.

The “True View” of your book of businessMeeting Recap

Use the Actionable Sales Intelligence Meeting Mapper collects to conduct Quarterly Business Reviews, Account and Opportunity reviews and on-board new account reps. Get the true picture of potential opportunities and generate accurate revenue forecasts.

Actionable Sales Intelligence
  • Build reports and dashboards to fully understand which opportunities are in jeopardy.
  • Review individual/team sales performance and management (SPM) and capability.
  • Opportunities and account relationships and information do not walk out the door with the Rep.
  • Determine best practices, lessons learned, competitive advantages, and strengths.
  • Identify and capture the hidden reasons why people don’t buy and sales don’t close.
  • Ensure every meeting has a purpose, stakeholders and their stances are known, and only winnable opportunities are pursued.

Increasing Adoption and Usage of
  • Increase effective usage of by 99%
  • Increase your sales opportunity close rate by 30%.
  • Increase sales teams productivity by 9x.
  • Populates with actionable sales intelligence gathered in sales meetings.
  • Improve sales qualification and closure rates.
  • Protects your opportunities during account transition.

Value at All Levels in Your Company
  • VP of Sales/Operations/Marketing
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Actionable intelligence from customer interactions
    • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Director of Sales/Operations/Marketing
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Actionable intelligence from customer interactions
    • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Sales Managers
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Consistent opportunity reviews with Reps
    • Easy determination if Rep is at the right level in the customer org
    • Reduction in number and length of forecast reviews
    • Team Mentoring
    • On-boarding of new Reps
  • Account Reps
    • Substantial reduction in Salesforce data entry
    • Populate Salesforce with Actionable Intelligence

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Customer Testimonials

"Meeting Mapper has made our whole sales organization a more effective team. Our reps are getting a much tighter sense of roles and responsibilities from prospects and customers, our executive mapping into deals is spot on and the mobile sync significantly cuts down the administrative component of data entry into sfdc."

− Brian Dohney, SVP, WW Field Operations, Symplified

"We spend a lot of money and effort getting in front of customers. Documenting and communicating the happenings and results of these meetings is important to us. The native tools within were not adequate, not easy, and in some cases non-existent to give us the results we desired. After extensive trial-and-error and research we chose to deploy Meeting Mapper for Salesforce. Their tool allows us to capture the detail and essence of customer meetings quickly and easily. Their support services have been outstanding. They have made several changes quickly to their application based on our requests. If you want an effective tool to capture meeting details I highly recommend Meeting Mapper for Salesforce."

− Eric Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Jensen Precast.