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Gain Control of Meetings and Populate Salesforce with More Accurate and
Better Customer and Selling Information!


Meeting Mapper is loaded with features and functions to manage your meetings. Plan, Execute, Follow Up and Share all your meetings in Salesforce. Meeting Mapper is more than the typical solution to document your meetings it’s the most intuitive, powerful, complete solution to gather Actionable Customer Intelligence in all your customer interactions. Meeting Mapper is the most robust, flexible and configurable meeting preparation solution for Salesforce. Meeting Mapper stores all this information and data, automatically in Salesforce. With Meeting Mapper every Salesforce user becomes a power user, turning Salesforce into Selling Force!

Meeting Mapper simplifies and automates the process of updating a customer record, lifting your organization’s sales productivity, data accuracy and increasing usage and adoption of


One Size Does not Fit all – Configure Meeting Mapper Based on Your Goal and Objectives

Meeting Mapper’s single input with multi output not only makes easy work of documenting meetings, it automatically updates your standard Salesforce objects like Accounts, Case, Campaigns, Opportunities, Contacts and Leads. Meeting Mapper also supports Salesforce1, update Salesforce on the road.

Meeting Mapper and Salesforce1

Great for inside and field account teams


Easy to use and intuitive, using Meeting Mapper your teams will identify the Decision Makers. Meeting Mapper ensures your teams are meeting with the right players to move an opportunity to successful closure.

Your Meetings

Meeting preparation that is intuitive and easy


Know why customers are buying and some don’t

Whats Hot

Know what messages are resonating in real-time

Know why some customers buy and some don’t. With Meeting Mapper you will identify what is resonating in all your customer meetings. Identify trends and build marketing campaigns on ‘What’s Hot’. Provide product management and development key data to build the products and services your customers want. Provide executives key data to build strategies to grow revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Visibility in to all of your sales teams’ activities


75 data points per meeting

Meeting Mapper gathers over 75 individual data points per meeting. Don’t just track activity, track what is going on inside the activity. Identify trends in your customer base, determine were most of your teams efforts are being directed. In addition, to the reports and dashboards that ship with Meeting Mapper you can build your own to track what is important to you and your business.

The “True View” of your meetings to drive revenue 

Meeting Recap

Great for opportunity and account reviews

Use the Actionable Customer Intelligence Meeting Mapper collects to conduct Quarterly Business Reviews, Account and Opportunity reviews and on-board new account reps. Meeting Recap give you the true picture of potential opportunities so you can generate accurate revenue forecasts.

What Meeting Mapper Will Do for Your Company

Visibility into Selling Activities
When you use Meeting Mapper you capture over 50 individual Key Performance Metrics in every meeting. Its not the amount of activity it what is happening during the activity, to close deals and generate revenue.

More To Meetings Than Just Taking Notes

Meeting Mapper gathers Big Data to reduce sales cycles, improve lead quality, drive marketing activates, product prioritization and improve the productivity of sales teams.

Value at All Levels in Your Company

  • VP of Sales/Operations/Marketing
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Actionable customer intelligence from customer interactions
    • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Director of Sales/Operations/Marketing
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Actionable customer intelligence from customer interactions
    • Sales Performance Metrics
  • Sales Managers
    • Consistent information for accurate revenue forecasts
    • Consistent opportunity reviews with Reps
    • Easy determination if Rep is at the right level in the customer org
    • Reduction in number and length of forecast reviews
    • Team Mentoring
    • On-boarding of new Reps
  • Account Reps
    • Substantial reduction in Salesforce data entry
    • Populate Salesforce with Actionable Intelligence

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Customer Testimonials

"Meeting Mapper is an intuitive and elegant application for iPads that makes it easy to gather up and “map” the information you need for truly successful meetings."

− Forbes

"Meeting Mapper has made our whole sales organization a more effective team. Our reps are getting a much tighter sense of roles and responsibilities from prospects and customers, our executive mapping into deals is spot on and the mobile sync significantly cuts down the administrative component of data entry into Salesforce."

− Brian Doheny, SVP, Symplified

"Want to make your sales reps more efficient? Boost sales figures? Bring new team members on board with ease? Meeting Mapper stores your essential contact information, keeps meeting notes organized and in a single interface, include photos and more."

− Mobile Fever

"Travis - Thank you so much for your prompt and diligent support. You and your company are a model for excellent customer service. I look forward to the update of this excellent product."

− Michael Richter - Meeting Mapper Mobile User

"I walked into my committee meeting with the intention of using Meeting Mapper for the first time. Having not read any of the help section, I found it to be painless and straightforward to navigate."

− Jay Peringer - Meeting Mapper Mobile Helping K1 - 12

"The product itself is amazing and will benefit our organization greatly. I am equally impressed with the high level of service along with the detail given to each of my questions prior to moving forward with Meeting Mapper. Customer service response time is fantastic!"

− Paul Levos - Outstanding concept supported by outstanding customer service

"Although I've only been using Meeting Mapper for a relatively short time, it has already been a great time saver for me, and an excellent tool, created in a logical and methodical fashion. The more I use it, the more I get out of it, and the support provided by the business owners is second to none. 6 stars out of 5."

− Marina Krishnasamy - A Mapped Meeting at Last!

"Meeting Mapper captures the answers to these questions (and more) and records it in Salesforce. All I need to know and more.Who is doing what after the meeting? The informaion is there. Easy to access and follow up. An app that actually lives up to its blurb. And five stars for the Training and Support we've received from Meeting Mapper.What do I like best? The agenda, personal notes, setting tasks but mostof all engaging staff to record in Salesforce."

− Susan Seeber - Who went to that meeting in Brisbane? What was it about? And then what happened?

"Previously, all of our meeting notes were stuck in a single task or activity. Follow-ups were hard to schedule and reporting was lackluster. This tool has helped us organize and capture exactly what we were missing."

− Miranda Hall - Great way to capture missing data

"One of our biggest problems was getting reps to use Salesforce. Most of the time meetings were never recorded, if they were, all we would get was a meeting activity - with no other data. With Meeting Mapper our reps now have a seamless way to record their meeting notes and management have a way to track meetings and understand our ROI. "

− Fergal Glynn - Makes Salesforce more sticky

"We've been using Meeting Mapper for a little over a year and highly recommend it. It's such an advantage for a sales person to be able to catalog notes from a meeting by attendee. It has a clean interface that is very easy to learn and use. It makes follow ups more productive and more personal. "

− Katie Meurin - We love it!

"We all know how difficult it is to get our Sales people to try anything new. Meeting Mapper is so easy to use with SalesForce1 on a IPAD that it will make sense to your Sales teams, and they will use it. The Meeting Mapper team is easy to do business with, and their response time is always immediate. We look forward here at National Life Group to a long and innovative relationship with the Meeting Mapper team."

− Jed Brody - Finally a way to get your Sales People to use Salesforce!

"Minutes of meeting, tasks and action items are a key for any business to make sure valuable information is not lost and important activities derived from a meting are carried out to the relevant people. Meeting mapper are taking the meeting towards another level by adding more capabilities and supporting BI around the meeting to retain more information and be ready to provide better information to the customer. Wonderful tool, i recommend it!"

− uri michon - one of the most important elements to start with!

"As a member of a sales management team, I am accustomed to the typical activity tracking application. Mapper brings a level of intuitiveness that is unheard of when dealing with technology. Not surprising, our wholesalers hate busy work, however, even our CEO has adopted the app when tracking activity because it is easy to use and can deliver quantifyable information that helps people understand the how effective they are in the field.Our organization is committed to using the application long term. Our team is excited about the constant upgrades that are being made and enjoy a solid relationship with Mapper folks. This app is worth every penny for any organization and returns lots of dividends in productivity."

− Clara Villalobos - Not your typical activity tracking application